Dr. Özgür Dagdelen

BridgingIT GmbH, Mannheim, Germany

I give you a very heartfelt welcome. My name is Özgür Dagdelen, and I am currently a consultant in bridgingIT. Before I was PostDoc at Darmstadt University of Technology (TUD) in the group Cryptography and Computer Algebra led by Prof. Dr. Johannes Buchmann.

Before I did my Ph.D. at the Center for Advanced Security Research Darmstadt (CASED) cooperating with Darmstadt University of Technology (TUD) in Germany. I was a member of the Cryptography and Complexity Theory” (Cryptoplexity) group established at Darmstadt University of Technology in 2011, former Minicrypt group. My advisor was Prof. Dr. Marc Fischlin.

My research interests are focused on cryptography. In particular, I am interested in the following research topics:

  • Analysis and Design of Cryptographic Protocols
  • (Post )Quantum Cryptography (in particular, lattice-based)
  • Security Models & Provable Security
  • Multiparty Computation
  • Number Theory